Marquee Hire in Oxford

Marquee Hire in Oxford: Create your dream venue

McGee’s is an expert in marquees for special events, including bar hire for weddings and marquees for outdoor events, whilst we can deliver all of the equipment you need to guarantee your guests have a fantastic time. We’ve been providing clients with marquees in the Oxfordshire area (and beyond) at competitive prices for the last 20 years, and you won’t find better prices to hire a marquee in Oxford.

  • Bar hire for weddings and corporate events
  • Customised floor plans and seating options
  • A range of furniture and fittings to choose from
  • Ideal marquees for weddings, festivals, corporate events & anything else


Family run business and personalised service

Thanks to our close-knit team (who are experienced in handling just about any request) we’re able to offer a personalised service that takes your needs into account. McGee’s Marquees have made their way around the country and even across Europe – so no event is too large, and no specifications are too unrealistic. Whether it’s a small wedding party or a festival event for hundreds of people, all you need to do is contact our team. We’ll handle the rest.


Our Framed and Capri Marquees for hire in Oxford

At McGee’s, we supply both Capri and Framed Marquees, so if you’re not sure which is best for your event, our team is on hand to offer advice. In short, Capri Marquees are a sleek, cost-effective and easy to install option that provides luxury without the costly overheads. For a more traditional look, which is great for weddings or corporate events, a framed marquee is the way to go. These are solid and sturdy with extensive interior space, suitable for even the coldest British winter days.


Marquee equipment makes the event

As well as providing marquees, McGee’s also supplies a range of equipment to take your event to the next level. If you don’t want the fuss of decorating the marquee on your own, we also have a furnished option. You can hire a dance floor, marquee furniture, lighting fittings, crockery and much more. We’ll help you organise your marquee with a bespoke floor plan, fitting in the staffed bar, space for the DJ and a catering area.


Bar hire in Oxford and across the UK

No event is complete without a bar. From corporate events to spectacular festivals, the bar keeps everything moving. Here at McGee’s, we stock a range of bar supplies as well as fully staffed bars and installation on site. We’ve been providing bars for a range of events for the last 20 years – so we know the ins and outs, and the importance of making sure everything is ready on time, professionally installed, and filled up to keep your guests happy. We offer:

  • A variety of drink options, from individual kegs to stocked fridges.
  • Fully-staffed bar hire.
  • Refrigerators and dispense equipment.


To find out more about our services, and for answers to any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team. We’re happy to talk about all things events!

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