Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions;

Latest FAQs

Q. Do you provide site surveys?show


A. Yes free of charge

Q. When will you set up and take the Capri Marquee down?show

A. For a Saturday event we would aim to set up from the Wednesday – Friday depending on size. We would take the Marquee down from Monday onwards.

Q. How long does it take to set up?show

A. Depending on size and requirements, anything from 2-3 hours to a couple of days.

Q. Is a deposit required?show

A. Yes we require a damage deposit paid upon confirmation, which will be returned once we have taken down the Marquee and checked all equipment hired. If you were to cancel the deposit is non refundable. Please see our Terms and conditions for Cancellations.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book?show

A. As soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Q. Do you charge for the set up?show

A. We do not charge a set up fee, however there may be a Carriage fee depending on location.

Q. Do I pay extra for the side walls of the Capri Marquee?show

A. No the clear or white side walls are included in the quote.

Q. Can I attach the side walls myself?show

A. Yes they can be easily attached and only take a few minutes. We will show you how to do this.

Q. What type of surface can you set the Capri marquee up on?show

A. The Capri Marquee is a tension Marquee so will need to be staked into grass.

Q. Will I need carpet/matting?show

A. We usually lay Coconut Matting for the flooring.

Q. What lighting will I need in a Capri Marquee?show

A. We use uplighters which can be set to the colour of your choice.

Q. Do you supply fairy lights and Ivy for the Archways?show

A. Yes these are included in the price.

Q. Can I decorate the marquee myself?show

A. Yes you can decorate the Marquee, we do ask that you only attach decorations to the ropes and poles and not to the walls of the Marquee.

Q. Can I use party poppers or crepe paper?show

A. We ask guests to refrain from using party poppers or Crepe paper a they can stain the Marquee.

Q. Can you suggest venues/caterers/DJs?show

A. Yes we have a preferred supplier list that we are happy to recommend.

Q. Will I need a heater?show

A. This will depend on the time of year. Heaters can hired on request.

Q. Do you supply furniture and other items we may need for our event?show

A. Yes we supply a wide range of items including Chairs, tables, dance floor, bars and all Catering equipment.

Please ask for more details.

Q. Do you supply toilets and Generators?show

A. We have a preferred supplier we work closely with, we can either book these for you or put you in touch with them.

Q. Can you provide a bar service and reception/table drinks?show

A. Yes we can provide a fully Licensed and staffed bar service for you with all reception and table drinks.

Q. What are the delivery and collection days?show

A. Delivery will be a Thursday or Friday and collections will be on a Monday or Tuesday.

Q. What are the payment options?show

A. Payment is cash on delivery only, unless we receive a cheque from you 10 days prior to delivery.

Q. Do I need a license to buy a keg of beer?show

A. We have a license to sell to you but as long as you are not selling the beer, cider or lager you do not require a license. 

Q. Can I change my order?show

A. Your order can be altered any time prior to the delivery date. Subject to kegs ordered and stock.

Q. What if the keg still has some beer left in it after we have finished?show

A. Unfortunately any part kegs will not be refunded (so get drinking). But on agreement you may keep the keg and equipment for a while longer to allow you to use up the remaining beer.

Q. When should I turn the cooler on?show

A. Typically the cooler will take 2 hours to reach the correct temperature.

Q. Can I leave the cooler and gas on overnight?show

A. The cooler can be left on overnight but it is not recommended. The gas should be turned off overnight.

Q. Where can I set-up the equipment?show

A. The cooler has to be set-up in a cool dry place. You will need a sturdy fixing on a table or bar to fix the tap.

Q. What do I need to do if I require the equipment for a longer period?show

A. Please let us know at least one day before the collection date if you require the equipment for an extended period.