Festivals & Concerts Equipment Hire

Festivals And Concerts Bar & Marquee Hire

Festivals and Concerts can have a broad spectrum of requirements. Attendees can range from a few hundred at a small village festival requiring a rustic intimate bar feel, to many thousands at a music concert requiring a high yield, fast and professional bar service. Whatever you are organising, McGee’s has something to meet your needs. With a proven track record of providing small to large festival bars and experience in providing high yield concert bars, McGee’s would be a capable and trustworthy partner.

McGee’s understands that every event is different and will adapt to meet your needs, providing a bespoke solution for your event. You could be looking for bar installation and equipment hire only, or with the drinks also supplied at competitive wholesale prices. Or for us to provide the full bar service for your event. We can provide the full logistics as well as marquees, bar units, dispense equipment, power supply and staffing with experienced technicians on site.

Whatever your needs, McGee’s will work with you to ensure the smooth planning and execution of your event.

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