Luton Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire In Luton: Plan Your Event With A Fresh Canvas!

Marquees deliver beauty, style and flexibility to any outdoor event, whether that be a wedding, anniversary party, corporate Christmas party or an awards ceremony. Here at McGee’s, we offer two main types, Capri Marquees and Framed Marquees. Both are fine examples of elegant and sophisticated marquees, but the Capri type is very slimline in its appearance, offering a more contemporary feel.

Our Framed Marquees flaunt the more traditional shape, however, they’ve both been designed with minimalism in mind, with absolutely no disruptive guy lines or ropes, as they both use internal supporting structures. So if you’re looking for marquee hire in Luton and want to deliver the best possible experience for your guests, Mcgee’s designs will guarantee beautiful views of the surrounding countryside – whether the sides are up or down.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Marquee In Luton?

Luton, and Bedfordshire as a whole is blessed with beautiful countryside and rural locations that are just perfect for marquees. One of the biggest advantages is, of course, the fact that you’re offered a fresh canvas and you’re able to turn your ideas into reality. If we look at some wedding venues like hotels and village halls, you’re not always given the freedom to make certain decisions, and in some cases, you’re very restricted in adding your own decorations.

That should never be the case, especially for bride and grooms to be, and with a Mcgee’s Marquee, you can choose a layout that works for you, and there are countless ways in which you can work your own personality and style to the space. Choosing to hire a Marquee in Luton is also a flexible yet affordable option, and many people consider marquees when they’re deciding on a venue for their wedding, party or corporate event, but another huge selling point is privacy. You can have your wedding party in very private spaces, whether that is deep into the English countryside or in a private garden.


Why Choose Mcgee’s?

In addition to hiring quality marquees in Luton, we can also provide tables, chairs, chair covers, bars (fully stocked and staffed if required), dance floors, decorations, cutlery, crockery, refrigerators and cooking equipment. We’ll even provide you with a first-class installation service to take away any concerns you may have on the day, whilst our friendly team is always on hand to offer guidance and advice to help ensure your dream event becomes a reality. Over the years we’ve grown to become an events specialist, so whether you’re in need of dance floors, heating equipment or toilet facilities, we can exceed your expectations. Our specialist team will even dismantle the marquee and pack it away for you, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. If you’d like to learn more about our Framed and Capri Marquees please contact us today on 01604 675577 or email us at and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.

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