5 Reasons On Why To Get Married In The Winter


Top Reasons to Get Married in The Winter

When people refer to ‘wedding season’, spring and summer months will no doubt come to mind, but many people now choose to wed in the winter months. There are plenty of reasons why this is such a shrewd time of the year to celebrate the biggest day of your lives and we’ve taken the time to run through some of the key advantages below. 


It’s certainly not true that every winter wedding is ‘budget’, however, by booking a wedding during December or January it’s natural that vendors are more available, and some photographers, venues, cake makers, marquee suppliers and florists may be willing to give you a discount on their services.


Britain is blessed with some absolutely gorgeous scenes during the winter months. Not everyone wishes away the cold months, some people get a real thrill at the festive feeling in the air with firework displays, sparklers, candle lit walkways and snow covered trees (if you’re lucky). Winter views generally make for very dramatic photos too, whilst the stunning venue can provide a cute and cosy contrast. 

Wash away any weather worries

As is the case with any summer or spring wedding, it’s easy to find yourself worrying about the weather. Rain is fairly common all year round in the UK so you never really know when it’s going to appear. With a winter wedding, you’re not expecting amazing sunshine and with most aspects of the day taking place indoors, a period of rain will not be enough to interrupt your big day. 

Swift planning 

When you get married in the winter, you may well have your pick of venues, photographers, bands and caterers, meaning there’s less chance you’ll need to reschedule or change your date to get the suppliers you desire. Many vendors can be booked as early as two years ahead of time for the busier wedding period, but that’s not often the case for the winter months so you’re able to massively reduce timing headaches when booking.

A different kind of day

In many ways, a winter wedding can actually be rather refreshing, not just for you but for your guests too. Some invitees may have a number of weddings they need to attend during the summer months and rather than yours being just ‘another one on the list’ it could be the most unique and beautiful wedding they attend. There are also many options available this time of year that are not readily available in the warmer months, such as faux fur accents, velvet suits, mulled wine, hot chocolate bars and snow themed decorations.

Here at McGee’s we’ve catered for all kinds of winter weddings so we know first hand how beautiful they can be. We’ve also seen an increase in couples requesting our marquees for their winter weddings, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 675577 or enquiries@mcgeesuk.co.uk.