Planning a Winter Wedding

31 October 2019

Planning A Winter Wedding

Once considered a summer affair, in recent times we’ve seen winter weddings becoming more and more popular. Sometimes offering more flexibility in dates and even the potential of a white wedding, weddings in the colder months can be just as romantic as any other wedding.

If you’ve recently got engaged or are helping to plan a winter wedding then you’ll know that there’s a lot to think about. When people opt for a winter wedding, the venue can quickly become one of the most important decisions of the whole day. Having to provide not just a beautiful setting but also a place for shelter and warmth during the cold spells a marquee might not be the first choice of venues, however, we’ve seen in recent years a positive trend in cosy winter weddings becoming a popular choice for couples tying the knot during winter.

Here Are Top Tips For Pulling Off The Perfect Winter Wedding In A Marquee.

Over prepare for the heat

  • Whether you choose a tipi or a marquee, providing enough heat for your guests is going to be a crucial part in the success of the day, and the party. If it’s too cold, don’t be surprised to see your guests departing early or keeping their jackets on. With our marquees we can provide a full heating setup throughout that not only looks the part but also performs exceptionally well, keeping your guests’ day on track.

Book vendors can be easier, but not always

  • Naturally, with winter weddings, it’s more likely that you’ll get a better choice of photographers, caterers and entertainment but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing. Some vendors get booked up to two and sometimes even three years in advance so it’s best to narrow down your choices and book early to ensure your plans come together as expected.

Stylise to the season

  • When you mention winter, people immediately think; log burners, warm drinks and snow. Where, you might not be able to guarantee snow you sure can go over and above to make your tipi or marquee look like a perfect winter haven. The darker nights make lighting both important and an exciting opportunity. Some might argue that fairy lights glistening up the nights sky is a must have at a winter wedding and we’d agree. With a marquee or tipi from McGees UK, you have complete flexibility in decor allowing you to craft your perfect atmosphere. Think green foliage, faux fur and even fire effects and you’re on your way to creating an ideal setting for your day.

Established over 20 years ago, we’ve seen our fair share of winter weddings so we understand the challenges that the season can bring, which is why our framed and Capri marquees are lined and can be carpeted with heating throughout offering a perfect winter solution. The best part is that with a marquee from McGees UK, you get a highly skilled team with the experience and knowhow to deliver winter events and a completely blank canvas to paint your own picture of winter perfection.

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