News: Planning A Corporate Event


Planning a Corporate Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate event on your own, as part of a team or simply looking to find an events specialist to manage the planning for you, there is a great deal of pressure as a corporate event planner, especially when even the largest corporations are carefully watching the money being spent! To help you better understand the challenge ahead of you, we’ve added a few of our top tips below.

Be clear on the goals and objectives of the event

Whether you’re looking to entertain, reward, inform or introduce, it’s important to be clear on the goals of the event you’re planning. As soon as you have decided what the ultimate aim is, you can begin to make informed decisions on the rest of your event planning, from your budget, theme and venue choice. What’s more, defining goals also allows you to clarify a plan of action for measuring return on investment (ROI) from the event so that you can ultimately feed the results back to directors, executives and managers.


Embrace being bounded by budget

The trick to a successful event is working within the given budget and as discussed this is where the pressure from above comes in to play. You can have the greatest ideas in the world, but if it exceeds the budget you’ve been given, you’re not going to impress the accounts department! We’re not saying you shouldn’t build a portfolio of creative ideas, however, you also need to have backup options if you’re not able to book certain products or services at the right prices. It’s also important to make sure you’re looking at the whole picture, from the main elements of the event to the tiny details because you’ll soon find the ‘little bits’ add up.


Trigger interaction

If one of your goals is to reward employees, think carefully about how you can keep all of your guests engaged at the awards ceremony. Getting your team out of their chairs and interacting with one another can make the event more enjoyable, especially for those who are not on the receiving end of an award. You could create fun rewards or live games and competitions to create excitement throughout the event, and get the entire team involved so it’s enjoyable for everyone that attends.


Ensure everyone receives an invite and a follow-up reminder

Whether you’re planning on dishing out physical invitations or e-invites, it’s important to make sure absolutely everyone on the guest list receives one. If they haven’t responded to the invite to confirm their attendance, be willing to send follow-ups to each of those individuals. You may feel like you’re pestering them but as the planner, it’s up to you to keep track of the numbers.

These are just a few of the top tips for planning a corporate event but should you require any help from an events specialist, we’re always here to offer our assistance. We manage all kinds of corporate events, from summer balls to Christmas parties, award shows, teambuilding events, product launches and conferences.