Crockery/ Cutlery/ Glassware


McGee’s can supply quality crockery, cutlery and glassware for your party or event. There is a variety of items available, which can be hired at the prices shown below.  We can provide additional items, so if you require anything which is not listed, please contact us on 01604 675577.


Item Price £

All white plates 6”, 8”,10”               


Soup Bowls, Dessert Bowls, Ramekins   


Tea/Coffee Cups and Saucers                   


Choice of boats, Jugs, Dishes  


10oz Slim Jims/ Paris Winex24                  


Tulip Wine x 24


Champagne Flutes x 24


Pint Glasses x 15


Margarita Glasses x 12


6oz/8oz Slim Jimx24                                    




Various Salad/Serving Bowls                      



From £0.13